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It takes time for every piece to become a finished ceramic object. Pliable clay is thrown on the wheel, thoroughly dried and fired to biscuit temperature, at which point a clay vessel becomes ceramic. Afterwards it is covered with glaze and fired again up to the highest temperature the clay can take. At this stage it matures and vitrifies, forming a strong bond with the glaze.

This is a long and laborious process, every piece holds my time, energy and skill. To prolong the lifespan of your handmade ware I recommend you wash it by hand, store it carefully and avoid placing it in any extreme hot or cold environments.

+ glazes are non-toxic and are suitable for dinnerware

+ vessels can be used in the oven, microwave stove, washed in the dishwasher

+ not for open fire, unless stated otherwise in the description of a certain piece

Clay should not be subjected to sudden and extreme temperature shifts -- transferred from the fridge into boiling hot water ceramic object may experience thermal shock which shortens its lifespan considerably.

Ceramics are easy to use, keep contents warm for a long time, have a long lifespan and are beautiful. I sincerely hope that my ware will bring you lots of happy memories and add beauty to your daily life.

If you have any questions concerning my work and its technical properties, please, contact me via e-mail:
Bongo Ceramics
Russia, Dolgoprudniy, Likhachevsky Drive, 6, building 1, office 215