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Bongo Ceramics is a studio producing limited collections of ceramic pieces that explore shape, texture and colour.

My name is Julia. I graduated as an art historian but soon found my passion in creating unique pottery. I work on the wheel, making functional and decorative ceramics that are often inspired by history and my surroundings.

I develop my own glazes, love unpredictability and always experiment looking for something fresh and new.

I believe that Beauty is a crucial component in our lives that has the ability to influence us on physical and emotional levels. I strive to make vessels that speak to the soul, inspire and bring one happy memories.

I document my journey on Instagram. To purchase my ceramics or make an order, please, fill in the form or write to me through Instagram directly.

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Bongo Ceramics
Russia, Dolgoprudniy, Likhachevsky Drive, 6, building 1, office 215